The Footprint Awards Objectives

  • To recognise the many innovative ways that businesses and individuals are making a difference to sustainability in the foodservice industry
  • To provide businesses with the opportunity to showcase their values and approach to sustainability in a genuine environment
  • To raise awareness in the mainstream press of the progress being made in foodservice towards a more sustainable future
  • To attract new talent into sustainability in foodservice from the growing number of students studying sustainability and the environment in further education.


Awards with a purpose – creating a legacy

Footprint Media Group uses the Awards as an opportunity to attract new talent into Sustainability in Foodservice and to raise awareness of the career possibilities within it. The Headline Award Sponsor is asked to commit to providing a specific internship to a student and work with the relevant university to carry out research on behalf of that sponsor on a topic that can bring benefit to the industry as a whole. This research will be released for publication and additional profile will be gained for the sponsor and student at the events. Progress reports on the internship and the headline sponsor’s experience will be reported in Foodservice Footprint.

Our aim is to broaden this part of the awards mission to include more internships and research projects as an ongoing legacy of the programme. Consequently, should other Sponsors feel able to offer a similar internship, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss.


Awards with a difference - innovation

We aim to reward contribution, progress and innovation. The Footprint Awards focus on the innovations that are reducing the negative impact of the foodservice industry on a sustainable environment; innovations that emerge from having sustainability and responsible practice as a core part of business strategy; innovations that come from the motivation to create a more sustainable way of doing business.



RSA logo

Footprint Awards has RSA Accreditation, awarded by the RSA Environment Forum. The scheme has been in operation for the past 10 years, with the aim of helping to differentiate the large number of award schemes currently in existence. The Footprint Awards is the only programme in the food sector to be accredited and this represents a substantial development for sponsors and entrants alike – and for sustainability in foodservice.

EBAE logo

Winners, Runners up and any specially commended entries are now eligible to enter the European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE) – a prestigious scheme run by the European Commission. The EBAE play a crucial role in demonstrating progress on environmental and sustainable development issues worldwide. For more information on this accreditation please go to